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Vagina Tightening Cream

Vagina Tightener & Toner

Vagina-X, we offer integrate herbal ingredients which is made on the foundation of Ayurveda, an oldest knowledge of science of life. This product has effective results providing toning and tightening of Vagina. Vagina-X tighten & restore the grip of Vagina for excellent pleasure. Besides, it also stores stimulate the G Spot. Woman vagina looses its shape due to delivery of baby or due to other physiological reasons. Vaginal tightening product can help regain the shape. Vagina-X have shown positive results. It has brought wonders in the intimate relationship and partners have again become interested. Our Vagina tightening pessary can bring back youthfulness by getting the original shape. Tightening sensation can be felt along with sensitivity in vagina. Vagina-X provides confidence and pleasure of intimate relationship. Experienced moments can be relished again. Vagina-X not just tighten vagina and tones it, but bad odor can be removed. Internal and external diameters of vagina can be decreased which looses its original shape due to aging, stretches, tears, rips of childbirth. Vagina-X take care of muscles which have loosened due to weakening of pelvic.

Product Features
Vagina-x is basically vagina tightening herbal pessary works on the cases of MTP , old age effects or loosening caused by stretching, I and II degree of Prolapse of Vagina.
  • Firming and tightening of the vagina is taken care.
  • Vaginal dryness is checked as it contains natural ingredients.
  • Vagina suppleness is effectively restored
  • Increases vaginal secretion and contraction.
  • Being an anti-inflammatory herbal complex removes swelling and unpleasant odor.
  • Microbial pathogens can be kept at bay.
  • Vaginal mucus can be reduced.

This all natural herbal formulation exhibits permanent results, lends complete revamp and tighten the Vagina. 20% to 25 % of results have been visible with a regular use of product for 5 to 7 days.

Symplocos Racemosus, Quercus Infectoria, Terminalia Chebula, Acacia Chebula, Woodfordia Fruticosa, Purified Alum, Nelumbo Nucifera

What are peccaries /Pessaries ?
peccaries /Pessaries are basically solid preparations which are designed for easy insertion into the vagina. Fingers can be used for inserting or can be done by applicator as well. Peccaries /Pessaries are made using solid vegetable oil having medicines or herbs extracts. The medicine is injected into the vagina by slow dissolving of peccary /Pessary at body temperature.

How to insert a peccary / pessary?
  1. After cleaning hands and handle pessary.
  2. Sit or lie down with bent knees and parted legs
  3. with ease inject pessary into the vagina using fingers.
  4. Clean hands again.
Other useful advice
  1. During pregnancy always make use of fingers and not applicators.
  2. After entering into the vagina pessary will melt and may leak. Pessary is more comfortable to insert during the day.
  3. Pessaries should be avoided at times of monthly period. Sanitary towels rather than tampons should be used, if the pessaries are being used during that time.
  4. Pessaries should be stored in a cool and dry place.
  5. No to worry if dose is missed, insert the pessary as soon as you recall.
  6. There are directions for use available for pessaries.
  7. Pessaries should not be consumed by mouth.

Question and Answers

Question : What is Vaginal Prolapse?
Answer : The network of muscles, ligaments, and skin in and around a woman's vagina acts as a complex support structure that holds pelvic organs, tissues, and structures in place. This support network includes the skin and muscles of the vagina walls (a network of tissues called the fascia). Various parts of this support system may eventually weaken or break, causing a common condition called vaginal prolapse.

A vaginal prolapse is a condition in which structures such as the uterus, rectum, bladder, urethra, small bowel, or the vagina itself may begin to prolapse, or fall, out of their normal positions. Without proper treatment or care, these structures may eventually prolapse farther and farther into the vagina or even through the vaginal opening if their supports weaken enough.

The symptoms that result from vaginal prolapse commonly affect sexual functions and bodily functions such as urination and defecation. Pelvic pressure and discomfort are also common symptoms

The following are types of vaginal prolapse:
  • Rectocele (prolapse of the rectum)
  • Cystocele (prolapse of the bladder, bladder drop)
  • Enterocele (herniated small bowel)
  • Prolapsed uterus (womb) -
    The following are stages of uterine prolapse:
    • First-degree prolapse: The uterus droops into the upper portion of the vagina.
    • Second-degree prolapse: The uterus falls into the lower part of the vagina.
    • Third-degree prolapse: The cervix, which is located at the bottom of the uterus, sags to the vaginal opening and may protrude outside the body. This condition is also called procidentia, or complete prolapse.
    • Fourth-degree prolapse: The entire uterus protrudes entirely outside the vagina. This condition is also called procidentia, or complete prolapse.
  • Vaginal vault prolapse - This type of prolapse may occur following a hysterectomy, which involves the removal of the uterus. Because the uterus provides support for the top of the vagina, this condition is common after a hysterectomy, with upwards of 10% of women developing a vaginal vault prolapse after undergoing a hysterectomy. In vaginal vault prolapse, the top of the vagina gradually falls toward the vaginal opening. This may cause the walls of the vagina to weaken as well. Eventually, the top of the vagina may protrude out of the body through the vaginal opening, effectively turning the vagina inside out. A vaginal vault prolapse often accompanies an enterocele.

Approximately 30-40% of women develop some presentation of vaginal prolapse in their lifetime, usually following menopause, childbirth etc. Many women who develop symptoms of a vaginal prolapse do not seek medical help because of embarrassment or other reasons. Some women who develop a vaginal prolapse do not experience symptoms.

Question : What are the cause of Vaginal Prolapse?
A network of muscles provides the main support for the pelvic viscera (the vagina and the surrounding tissues and organs within the pelvis). This network, which is located below most of the pelvic viscera and supports the viscera's weight, is called the levator ani. Pelvic ligaments provide additional stabilizing support.

When parts of this support network are weakened or damaged, the vagina and surrounding structures may lose some or all of the support that holds them in place. Collectively, this condition is called pelvic floor relaxation. A vaginal prolapse occurs when the weight-bearing or stabilizing structures that keep the vagina in place weaken or deteriorate. This may cause the supports for the rectum, bladder, uterus, small bladder, urethra, or a combination of them to become less stable.

Common factors that may cause a vaginal prolapse include the following:
  • Childbirth (especially multiple births): Childbirth is stressful to the tissues, muscles, and ligaments in and around the vagina. Long, difficult labors and large babies are especially stressful to these structures. Childbirth is the risk factor most commonly associated with cystoceles. A cystocele is a condition in which the bladder prolapses into the vagina. A cystocele is usually accompanied by a urethrocele, in which the urethra becomes displaced and prolapses. A cystocele and urethrocele together are called a cystourethrocele.
  • Menopause: Estrogen is a hormone that helps to keep the muscles and tissues of the pelvic support structure strong. After menopause, the estrogen level decreases; this means that the support structures may weaken.
  • Hysterectomy: The uterus is an important part of the support structure at the top of the vagina. A hysterectomy involves removing the uterus. Without the uterus, the top of the vagina may gradually fall toward the vaginal opening. This condition is called a vaginal vault prolapse. As the top of the vagina droops, added stress is placed on other ligaments. Hysterectomy is also commonly associated with a condition called an enterocele, in which the small bladder herniates near the top of the vagina.
Other risk factors of a vaginal prolapse include the following:
  • Advanced age
  • Obesity
  • Dysfunction of the nerves and tissues
  • Abnormalities of the connective tissue
  • Strenuous physical activity
  • Prior pelvic surgery

Question : What are the Symptoms of Vaginal Prolapse?
Answer : The symptoms associated with a vaginal prolapse depend on the type of vaginal prolapse present. The most common symptom of all types of vaginal prolapse is the sensation that tissues or structures in the vagina are out of place. Some women describe the feeling as "something coming down" or as a dragging sensation. This may involve a protrusion or pressure in the area of the sensation. Generally, the more advanced the prolapse, the more severe the symptoms.

The following are general symptoms of all types of vaginal prolapse
  • Pressure in the vagina or pelvis
  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • A lump at the opening of the vagina
  • A decrease in pain or pressure when the woman lies down
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections

The following are symptoms that are specific to certain types of vaginal prolapse:
  • Difficulty emptying bowel - This may be indicative of an enterocele, vaginal vault prolapse, or prolapsed uterus. A woman with difficulty emptying her bowel may find that she needs to place her fingers on the back wall of the vagina to help evacuate her bowel completely. This is referred to as splinting
  • Difficulty emptying bladder -This may be indicative of a cystocele, urethrocele, enterocele, vaginal vault prolapse, or prolapsed uterus.
  • Constipation - This is the most common symptom of a rectocele.
  • Urinary stress incontinence - This is a common symptom of a cystocele.
  • Pain that increases during long periods of standing - This may be indicative of an enterocele, vaginal vault prolapse, or prolapsed uterus.
  • Protrusion of tissue at the back wall of the vagina - This is a common symptom of a rectocele.
  • Protrusion of tissue at the front wall of the vagina - This is a common symptom of a cystocele or urethrocele.
  • Enlarged, wide, and gaping vaginal opening - This is a common symptom of a vaginal vault prolapse.

Some women who develop a vaginal prolapse do not experience symptoms.

Vaginal Prolapse Treatment
Most vaginal prolapses gradually worsen and can only be fully corrected with treatment. However, the type of treatment that is appropriate to treat a vaginal prolapse depends on factors such as the cause and severity of the prolapse, whether the woman is sexually active, and the woman's treatment preference.

Vaginal Pessary

Question : What is a vaginal pessary?
Answer : There are two types of pessaries available in the market
1) Pessaries made by solid vegetable oils, herbal extracts or powdered herbs.
2) Pessaries made by plastic to help support uterus.

Herbal Vaginal peccaries /Pessaries are solid preparations designed for easy insertion into the vagina. They can be inserted using fingers, or may come with an applicator. peccaries /Pessaries are normally made of a solid vegetable oil or from the extracts of various herbs that contains the medicine. The medicine is gradually released into the vagina as the peccary /Pessary dissolves at body temperature. These extracts of herbs have property to rejuvenate the vagina, bring back to its natural shape and remove all type of dis-orders.

Plastic vaginal pessary is a plastic device that fits into the vagina to help support uterus (womb), vagina, bladder or rectum.

Herbal Vagina tightening pessaries are used for various purposes and includes Vagina Tightening, toning & removal of bad odor, Reduction of internal and external diameters of vagina, Tightening of Vagina which is loosed due to aging, stretches, tears, rips of childbirth, I and II degree prolapse of Vagina. Vagina tightening Pessary Improves muscles caused due to generalized weakening of Pelvic.

The Vagina tightening pessaries are most oftenly used to correct / prevent prolapse of the Vagina. Prolapse means that your Vaginal opening droops or sags out of its natural place because the muscles and ligaments that should support it are weak. This may occur after you give birth or due to over indulgence in Sexual activites.

A pessary can also help many women who have stress urinary incontinence (the leaking of urine when you cough, strain or exercise). Pregnant women who have incontinence can also use a vaginal pessary.

Question : How will the vaginal prolapse affect sexual relations?
Answer : Due to Vaginal prolapse, The Vagina looses its grip and Vaginal opening droops or sags out of its natural place As a result both partners could feel less pleasure, non-satisfaction which could further impact their sexual relation.

Question : Are any non-surgical treatments appropriate?
Answer : Depending on the prolapse, surgical and non surgical treatments could be decided for example: if the Vaginal prolapse is of Ist or IInd degree it could be treated with herbal Vaginal pessaries but if the prolapse is of IIIrd or IV degree, it needs surgical treatment.

Question : Does the Herbal vaginal pessary cause any side effects?
Answer : No, not at all. Herbal Vaginal pessaries are safe in use and don't have any side effect. Yes, the active ingredients of Vagina tightening pessary may give some slight burning sensation at the time of cleaning with fresh water but it is not a side effect or an adverse effect.

Question : Can the pessary get lost or fall out?
Answer : The vagina is a closed tube. The pessary can't go anywhere else inside the body. However, the pessary can fall out of the vagina if you strain too hard or lift something heavy.

Question : How does Vagina-X work?
Answer : Vagina-X is formulated to hydrate the interior walls of the vagina, creating a tightening effect, which allows for greater friction, and in turn enhances sensation and sexual pleasure for both a woman and her partner.

Question : Can I use it every day?
Answer : Yes. As this pessary is meant for permanent vaginal tightening, it should be used every night till recommended course duration is not over.

Question : How do I know it’s safe?
Answer : Vagina-X is clinically trialed and approved by the health authorities for efficacy and safety in usage. The ingredients use in manufacturing Vagina-X are 100% safe with no side effects.

Question : Does this really work?
Answer : Yes, This Vaginal tightening herbal remedy has passed various trials and it was approved by a complete bench of health authorities for results and safety in usage.

Question : I do Kegels every day. Will I notice any difference with pk24?
Answer : Keygel exercise is good for the vaginal muscles but it has not effect on the Vaginal skin, diameters of vaginal walls, mucus and other things where as Vagina-X works on all. Doing kegels along with Vagina-X will increase the percentage of results and it is good for the Vaginal rejuvenation.

Question : When is the best time to insert the pessary?
Answer : Sleeping time is the the most suitable time to use Vagina-X because insertion of Vagina tightening pessary at the time of bed makes it stay overnight in the Vagina and the herbal formulation works over night to give permanent results

Question : Is Vagina-X safe for oral sex?
Answer : The Vaginal tightening pessary is safe but we don't recommend usage of vagina tightening pessary before or at the time of sex. The pessary should be kept overnight, doing sex after inserting pessary will remove the herbal formulation out of the Vagina and this results will be effected. You can use the vagina tightening pessary after sex so that it may stay over night and the formulation can give its maximum effect..

Question : I am 50 years old. Will Vagina-X help me achieve the same feeling of tightening as i use to feel in my youth?
Answer : Not 100% but yes, similar to your youth because rejuvenation can not replace original.

Question : Does Vagina-X remain effective over time with repeated use?
Answer : Yes, The Vaginal tightening pessary will keep effecting until complete rejuvenation is not achieved.

Question : Does more frequent use produce better results?
Answer : The Vaginal tightening pessary should be used Once in 24 hours and should be kept inside for 6 to 8 hours. It is more convenient to use at the time of sleep.

Question : If I use Vagina-X will I have to keep using it? Will I go back to normal or will I be less tight than I am now?
Answer : Vagina-X is a permanent solution and should be used for a fix duration of time i.e. 30 to 45 days. Once the permanent results are achieved, discontinue the usage and results will remain same for long years.

Question : Does Vagina-X work for women of all ages?
Answer : Yes, definitely. The Vagina tightening pessary works on females of all ages from 18 to 68. The product works.

Question : Is Vagina-X available at any retail stores?
Answer : We are into Global business and it is next to impossible for any company to be available at each and every story of every country.

Question : Does this product have a shelf life?
Answer : According to the lab, Vagina-x has a shelf life of three years.

Question : Is Vagina-X a good lubricant?
Answer : Yes, Vagina-X enhances natural lubrication, improves suppleness and permanent vaginal tightening.

Question : Will Vagina-X transfer to my husband during intercourse and how will this affect his penis?
Answer : Not at all. As soon as you clean the Vagina with fresh water, the effect of herbal formulation will neutralize. As such also it will not effect Male organ.

Question : Do you offer a free trial size?
Answer : We offer a full money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the results, you may ask for refund.

Question : Does Vagina-X help with dryness?
Answer : Vagina-X helps in overall rejuvenation including Vaginal dryness.

Question : Can Vagina-X be used with a condom?
Answer : No, we don't recommend Sex at the time of usage. Either remove the pessary or avoid Sex at the time of use.

Question : Is Vagina-X safe to use while pregnant?
Answer : This Vaginal tightening pessary is for permanent results and childbirth could make your Vagina loose, So what is the use to make it more tight before child birth. Use the product after delivery of the baby.

Question : I was wondering if Vagina-X causes yeast infections, as I am prone to getting them?
Answer : Not at all, The Vaginal tightening pessary includes active ingredients that are anti bacteria, anti fungal and also cure any type of vaginal infection.

Question : Does Vagina-X have any hormones in it?
Answer : No, Not at all. it is 100% natural product.

Question : Do I use Vagina-X for the rest of my life?
Answer : No, The vagina tightening pessary are for permanent results and are to be used for a specific course duration.

Question : Can I use Vagina-X with a lubricant?
Answer : Yes. You may use Glycerin while inserting Vagina tightening pessary.

Question : How do I use it?
Answer : Use following steps
  • Wash your hands and hold the pessary in your hand.
  • Sit or lie down with your knees bent and legs apart.
  • Gently insert the pessary into the vagina as far as is comfortably possible using your fingers.
  • Wash your hands again.

Question : How many Vagina tightening pessaries are in the bottle? If I used it daily, would it last a week, a month, several months?
Answer : 1 bottle of Vagina-X contains 30 Pessaries to last 30 days.

Question : How much do you use for a single insertion?
Answer : One pessary to be inserted and left inside the Vagina anywhere between 6 to 8 hours.

Question : Is there a scent or taste? I'd like to use this without the knowledge of my boyfriend.
Answer : No, not at all.

Question : I’ve tried Vagina tightening cream that I bought online. It sometimes left a grainy feeling behind, at times resembling a very mild yeast infection which is unappealing. Does Vagina-X do anything like this?
Answer : No, Not at all..

Question : Can I take a bath in the evening if I’ve already used Vagina-X?
Answer : Bathing, and cleansing will remove the effect because active ingredients may get washed off.

Question : Does more frequent use produce better results?
Answer : One insertion is sufficient in 24 hours.

Question : Will Vagina-X stain clothing or linens?
Answer : No, not at all

Question : Will Vagina-X work during my menstrual period?
Answer : Yes. but the discharge from the vagina may remove the herbal formulation. So you may use or discontinue till your menstural period is not over.

Question : i want to have a tigher vagina, but i really do not want to have any kind of surgery done. i've seen creams & other products to do this, but i want some good ones?
Answer : Please feel assured about results and safety in usage. In case there is no result, you can ask for refund.

Question : What is the need of vaginal tightening?
Answer : If the tissues surrounding the female reproductive organs lose elasticity, women may not feel comfortable with Sex. Many women suffer from low self esteem due to loose vagina. There are many other disadvantages of losing elasticity and firmness of Vaginal tissues. The condition is called pelvic relaxation and it is most commonly found in women of higher age but it can also be found in women in twenties or thirties after childbirth, due to over indulgence in sex, over stripping etc.

Vaginal relaxation is a condition, in which, a women has a loose vagina and she may suffer from medical problems such as stress urinary incontinence. It is found in one of three women and some of the common symptoms of Vaginal relaxation are inherited weakness in the tissues and unusual strain suffered on the tissues. Sometimes it causes abdominal pain and obesity.

In women the pelvic region has vagina, uterus, rectum and bladder and the muscles, and damage to the tissues found in the pelvic region can cause pelvic relaxation. Some of the symptoms of pelvic relaxation are feeling heaviness on the organ or losing some amounts of urine while laughing, coughing, running or walking.

Question : What are the benefits of having a tight vagina?
Answer : Following are the benefits of having a tight vagina:
  • Men do not get excited with loose vagina anymore, they get bored. When men feel the tightness, they usually get excited.
  • When men are completely satisfied, they will never have a reason to cheat on you.
  • With a tight vagina, you will tend to be more sexually active.

Question : How can I tighten my vagina?
Answer : There are two effective ways to do this -

Surgery - This is an effective way but also the most expensive and risky procedure.
Natural Vaginal tightening products - Vagina-X has been used through the years by women all around the world to restore the lost shape and firmness of their vagina. It is very effective and has lesser cost than having a surgery.

Question : What are the benefits of using Vagina-X?
Answer :Usage of Vagina-X will restore Vagina suppleness, tightens tissue, considerably reduce vagina discharge, reduce excessive mucus of the Vagina and increases intimacy between the partners.

Question : How Vagina-X is better than cosmetic surgery?
Answer : Many women seek cosmetic surgery or laser therapies for Vaginal tightening but there are many disadvantages and side effects of these procedures. Cosmetic surgeries are extremely expensive and sometimes it is not effective in curing the problem. To get a natural vagina tightening therapy one should go for natural remedies. Vaginal tightening peaasries are best options for improving the elasticity of the female reproductive organs.

Sometime, cosmetic surgery fails to deliver the best results and it can raise pain around the tissues or cause other medical problems. To prevent discomfort one can go for natural Vaginal tightening methods. Vaginal tightening helps in improving the elasticity of the female and it also enhances libido.

Vagina-X is a product which has been used by many women to reduce the symptoms of loosening and to get back the natural youthfulness. The pessary helps in tightening the loosened tissues and stretched ligaments. It is made up of herbal, natural ingredients which ensures that it is safe for use and it is very easy to apply. The active ingredients of Vagina-x have good percentage of natural estrogen which helps in increasing suppleness of the Vaginal tissues and prevents dryness by increasing lubrication to the tissues.

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