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    SLIM AND SLENDER : Weight Loss pill or Herbal weight loss product is prepared using various extracts of herbs. These pills are prepared from powdered herbs which are quite useful in loosing extra weight. Slim and energetic body can be attained using our weight loss Pills. These supplements are made using are made using features of Ayurveda without any chemical ingredients.

    • Extra weight / extra fat can be reduced using these pills
    • Toxins can be removed using these pills.
    • Constipation & Bloating can be overcome using these pills.
    • Colon can be purified
    • Blood circulation can be taken care.
    • Strength and energy to the body can be added.
    • Muscular mass can be toned and build.
    • Energy, stamina can be boosted and also aids immune system.
    • Enhanced libido
    • Metabolism can be taken care.
    • Nervous System can be made strong
    • High Cholesterol can be checked.
    • Backache problems can be cured.

    These weight loss pills are extremely rich in natural antioxidants, amino acids and relevant fatty acids. Appetite is suppressed and metabolic rate is enhanced with these tonics. Blood sugar and energy levels are aptly checked. Body fat does not accumulate as the pills take care that insulin spikes are not formed that lead to fat tissue.
    Active Ingredients :

    • Boerhavia diffusa
    • Cuscuta reflexa
    • Leea hirta
    • Acarus Calamus
    • Phyllanthus embelica sxtrct
    • Santalum alcum
    • Salix caprea
    • Sida cardifolia
    • Chlorophytum arundinaceum baker
    • Terminalia Chaebula
    • Terminalia Belerica
    • Andropogan muricatus
    • Piper longum
    • Paederia foctida linn

    Contra Indications : None (No side Effects at all.

    What is Slim Fast program / Slim fast Weight loss program?
    Slim Fast is a Weight loss program which is a combination of natural herbal weight loss pills ( fat loss supplements) named Slim & Slender and Uniquely tailored Weight loss Exercise regime named Slim Fast.
    Slim fast and Slim & Slender is our weight loss treatment and Weight loss supplement that cater Stomach weight and extra weight of the body. Toning up muscles is effectively done by these pills.

    This Slim fast (Fast Weight loss program) and Weight Loss Product includes :

    • We have designed weight Loss Exercise bands also known as Weight loss & Abs developer exercise bands that shape up body and develop abs without efforts.
    • We provide Slim Fast – Weight Loss Program manual with do’s, don’ts and provides guidance on how to loose excess fat / loose excess weight and also its maintenance. Weight loss Program manual tells about the Hormones which are responsible for gaining extra weight. Besides, there are quick exercises to tone up the whole body.

    Reasons for Gaining Weight and How “Slim fast” and “Slim & Slender” could help you in reducing extra weight / Quick Fat loss.

    1. We are of view that fried foods, giant meals, desserts, alcohol and soft drinks lead to weight gain. Pounds are stored when more calories are consumed than burning up in physical activities. But huge disappointment comes weight is gained even after regular exercising and following after religious diet and healthy diet.

    There are several things which should be eyed while loosing weight closer look at the calories and also physically involvement. Not a single, but numerous things are there which lead to weight gain.

    “Weight gain is so complicated; there are so many factors that can impact your weight. It is more likely a combination of things more than just one factor.

    1) Lack of Sleep
    Body at rest functions well. Physiological stress are invited without ample sleep and biochemically fat is stored.While in stress, we reach out for food to get rid of it. Beside we also pile u calories due to late night snacking. Some people are of view that eating will bring sleep but more calories are added to daily consumption.Slim & Slender – weight loss pills ( weight loss supplement) bring on natural sleep and also aid body to recover from fatigue.(2) Heavy Meals at the time of Sleep and suppression of Growth Hormone
    Growth hormones (GH) are complex chemical substances which are formed at pituitary gland. Growth hormones make the hard and soft tissues to grow and let the development of body. Protein is released which is responsible for building and development of the body.Growth hormone (GH) is vital and flows in the blood stream with insulin.Heavy meal consumption prior to sleep causes indigestion, as the insulin start transforming food to energy. Also the growth hormone (GH) is secreted. Growth hormone stabilizes the time utilized by insulin in conversion of food to energy. And, when the body demands growth hormone huge amount of energy is released.(3) Stress 
    Stress makes us to move ahead and making fulfilling life’s demands, coupled with fluctuations in mood and emotions.Stress can be due to too many responsibilities, financial pressures that tickle biochemical process and take body to survival mode. Bodies store fuels and take off chemicals cortisol , leptin, and other hormones] that make you obese by deposition of fat in the abdominal region.Slim & Slender – weight loss pills –These pills fight stress making body to remain active and energetic and toxins are removed via excreta.(4) Medications
    Various prescribed drugs lead weight gain. Drugs to treat depression, mood disorders, blood pressure, and diabetes can lead to increase in weight. And it can range from modest to 10 pounds per month. Gradual weight can be gained through steroids, hormone replacement therapy and also oral contraceptives.

    (5) You May Be Gaining Weight Because of a Medical Condition
    A deficiency of thyroid hormone brings down the metabolism that causes appetite loss and weight gain.

    Cushing’s syndrome, though rare but can lead to weight gain. This disorder is caused due to excess of the hormone cortisol.

    Slim & Slender weight loss pills ( weight loss supplement)– These brings body system to its natural level. Metabolism or Hormonal imbalance, Low level of body energy or stress are well taken care by these Herbal weight loss pills.

    (6) Deficiency of Essential Fatty Acid
    Essential fatty acids are fats which are vital for body to secrete hormones and keep the body’s metabolic rate up.

    Additional information


    45 Days, 90 Days, 120 Days

    Question: What are Slim & Slender weight loss pills ?
    Answer: Slim & Slender is a combination of natural weight loss herbs. These weight loss pills will promote the loss of fat / weight lose and increase lean muscle tissue and actually block the fat / weight from being produced. No more sweet cravings and the herbal ingredients can help burn off your extra fat .

    Question : What is Slim Fast – weight loss program? 
    Answer: Slim fast – weight loss program is a combination of weight loss pills named as Slim & Slender and uniquely tailored weight lose exercise regime / fat lose exercise regime named Slim Fast

    Question: What Slim fast weight loss program includes?
    Answer: This Slim fast weight loss program includes :

    SLIM AND SLENDER’ Weight Loss Pills / also known as Weight Loss / Fat Loss herbal product.
    Weight Loss Exercise bands also known as Weight loss & Abs developer exercise bands (Developed for some quick, easy and fast weight loss exercises that helps body to loose Weight easily, shape up body and develop abs without efforts.
    Weight Loss Program manual that describes all the do’s, don’ts and how to easily loose excess fat / weight and stop it from coming again. Weight loss Program manual also guides details about changes in Hormones that leads to gaining extra weight and natural principles to control the deposits of extra fat/ weight, Some quick exercises to shape up whole body and tone up Abdominal muscles to get Six pack abs.

    Question : : Why is your Weight loss product/ Fat lose product Slim fast way cheaper then so many other weight loss products out there?
    Answer: We pride ourselves in offering products that work the fastest and we keep our prices down so that each and every one can afford them and use them.

    Question : : Does your Weight loss product / Fat lose product Slim & Slender a drug?
    Answer:: No. our weight loss product Slim & Slender is an all natural dietary supplement, herbal weight loss supplement and contains no artificial or chemical drugs or any harmful ingredients.

    Question : : Does your weight loss product/ Fat lose product have any side effect? is Slim & Slender weight loss pills safe to take? 
    Answer: No! Our weight Loss product / Fat loss product is fully natural, clinically trialed and approved by health authorities for efficacy and safety in usage. There is no negative or unpleasant after effect of using this product. There are only natural organic herbs in Slim & Slender weight loss pills .

    Question : : What is the suggested dosage and usage of your Weight loss supplement/ fat loss pills ? 
    Answer: The recommended dosage for our Weight loss supplement/ fat loss pills are followed 2 Capsules in the morning with fresh water, 15 to 20 minutes after breakfast and 2 Capsules at night, 15 to 20 minutes after dinner

    Question : : How fast can I expect to lose the weight, when i start using your Weight loss supplement/ fat lose pills?
    Answer: Firstly we would like to clarify that its a complete weight loss treatment / fat lose product based on weight loss supplement / fat loss pills and Weight loss exercise regime / fat loss exercise regime. Although weight loss supplement/ weight lose pills are itself capable enough for reducing excess weight / excess fat but company recommends exercise regime along with weight loss supplement / weight lose pills.
    Everyone is different but on average people are losing as much as 2-5 pounds weekly. Some people report that Weight loss supplement / weight lose pills -Slim & Slender worked for them immediately, and others within the first week to 10 days.

    Question : : What is the fastest Way to Lose Weight? 
    Answer: Understanding the reason for weight loss is most important and is the fastest way to lose weight. Sometimes we are not aware of the reasons of weight gain and we keep trying different – different weight loss products in the market. First of all we should try to find out the reasons for weight gain so that we can avoid such habits / do the needful to stop further gains. Daily exercise can not be replaced by any other alternative hence we should stick to some exercise regime. It could be daily or twice or thrice in a week. As loosing gained weight is not easy through workout, some natural treatment is also required. Slim & Slender weight loss pills comes to your aid as weight loss natural supplement. By using Weight loss supplement, you will loose extra gained weight and Slim fast weight loss program will help you in attaining well toned body through well tailored exercise regime.

    Question : : Should I Count Calories or Carbs? 
    Answer: Yes, counting on calories and carbohydrates is a must. no clinical weight loss study or research has ever demonstrated that weight reduction is possible without creating a calorie deficit. To put it simply, you can count whatever you like, but unless you eat fewer calories than you burn, you cant lose weight.

    Health and Nutrition is Important Too
    Approximately 23 minerals and vitamins are needed for optimum metabolic function and fit well toned body. So a healthy calorie-controlled diet is much more likely to lead to weight reduction than an unhealthy diet containing the same calories.

    Non-Nutritious Refined Foods More Likely to be Stored as Fat 
    Foods cannot be metabolized properly without minerals and vitamins. The energy that empty calorie foods (foods contain calories but little if any nutrition) contain, becomes unavailable to our body and is stored as fat until (or in the hope that) we get the necessary minerals and vitamins at some later time. In the meantime we feel hungry and eat more. This too turns into fat unless minerals and vitamins are also provided.

    We Absorb More Calories From Refined Foods
    Because they lack fiber and bulk, refined foods slow down intestinal activity. They take up to five times longer to pass through the intestinal tract than do natural unrefined high fiber foods (75 hours compared to 15) and the body absorbs calories during the entire time of their constipated passage.

    Although Slim & slender clears colon and constipated passage and also improves metabolism, improves digestion but still we recommend a close watch on what is consumed.

    Question : : If i use Slim Fast & Slim & slender, How Fast I Can Lose Weight? 
    Answer: Before thinking about percentage of weight loss, understanding of basics of weight loss are necessary and are followed

    Weight Loss Includes Fat, Muscle and Water
    When we lose weight we don’t just lose fat. We lose a combination of body fat, and muscle tissue. For example: when we diet, the weight we lose is on average 75 percent fat and 25 percent muscle. Furthermore, a relatively high percentage of this weight loss is likely to be water loss. Remember, water accounts for about 70 percent of the total body weight of an average person, with muscle tissue containing roughly 75 percent water (plus 20 percent protein and 5 percent minerals), and body fat containing roughly 50 percent water.

    Factors That Affect Speed of Weight Loss / fat lose 
    The human body does not lose weight / lose fat at a regular or uniform speed. Different people reduce weight/ reduce fat at different speeds. This is because weight reduction/ fat reduction is dependent on various factors, including: weight/ fat; diet and lifestyle; level of physical activity; health and genes (inc. metabolic rate); the level of stress experienced.

    Weight Loss/ fat loss is Not an Exact Science
    As you can see, not only does weight loss/ fat loss include other things besides fat-tissue, the actual speed of weight reduction/ fat reduction is determined by a variety of individual factors. So it’s difficult, if not impossible, to give a precise answer to the question “how fast can I lose weight?” However, as a rough guide, here are some basic guidelines for maximum weight loss.

    Question : What is the Most Weight I Can Lose by using Slim fast weight loss program ?
    Answer: It is possible to lose anything up to about 20 pounds of weight / fat per week, but most of this is likely to be water. It will therefore be regained as soon as normal eating resumes.

    Question: What is the Most Fat You Can Loose by using Slim fast weight loss program and weight loss supplement?
    The maximum amount of body fat a healthy person can lose is about 3-4 pounds per week. Typically, only obese people are likely to be able to lose this amount of fat. By comparison, a woman of average weight (about 140 pounds) is likely to lose a maximum of about 1-1.5 pounds per week.

    Question: Why I Can’t Lose More Weight by using weight loss program? 
    Answer: The human body is not designed to shed weight. It is designed to survive! Our basic body chemistry endures from prehistoric times, when famine, rather than obesity, was the biggest threat. This is why it won’t lose excessive amounts of fat in a short period of time. In fact, if you drastically reduce your calorie-intake, your brain takes active steps to slow down your metabolism, in order to conserve calories. This is one reason why we encounter a weight loss plateau.

    Side Effects of Losing Weight Too Quickly
    Too rapid weight loss can lead to unpleasant side effects. The two most common effects of over-rapid weight reduction include:

    Appearance of Loose Skin
    If you reduce weight too quickly, your skin does not have time to shrink to your leaner body shape.

    excessive amounts of weight very quickly, have a greater risk of developing gallstones than those who lose weight at slower speeds. Too rapid weight reduction may also cause “silent” gallstones to become active.

    Weight Regain (Weight Rebound)
    Sudden fast weight reduction is usually caused by artificial changes to our eating habits as a result of (eg) very-low-calorie diet plans, or some disease. Not surprisingly, this does not give us enough time to learn new eating habits. So although our physical weight may have changed, our mental approach to food and eating remains the same. In the absence of medical supervision, or other support, we commonly find ourselves unable to sustain the new dietary habits required to maintain our lighter weight, and regain all our lost weight.

    Slim fast weight loss program and Slim & Slender weight loss supplement / weight loss pills are designed in such fashion that the combination of both leads to right weight loss amount without any side effect. The weight loss exercise regime Slim Fast keeps the muscles well toned where as weight loss supplement / fat loose supplement Slim & slender helps body to loose extra weight.



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