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      Height Increase Medicine, Height Growth Medicines. Increase height with efficacy proven, Ayush approved Height increasing medicine / Height Increasing Pills.


    Height increase medicine, Height growth medicine, increase height pills

    Are you looking for  Natural solution to increase your height? Have doubt which Height increase medicine, Height growth medicine, increase height pills are best for you??

    If you are looking for a safe, effective and natural height increase medicine, Height growth medicine to increase your Height and add few more inches to your height growth, you are at the right place. Grow taller, increase height with HeightoMax,  Doctor’s formulated, All natural, safe and result oriented height growth natural product !!

    Doctor’s formulated, Ayush Approved, efficacy proven HeightoMax- is one among the leading  Height increase medicines, Height growth medicine and height increasing pills.

    The success ratio and percentage of growth results makes “HeightoMax” one among the top leading height increase medicine, height growth medicine, height increasing pills and supplements that could help you achieve your desired growth results irrespective of age.


    Only Result Matters : What to expect after using HeightoMax

    Average Height Growth Ratio:

    • 7 to 14 years – Growing body hence no minimum average growth,  Heightomax double’s the growth process.
    • 14 to 18 years – Minimum 4 to 5 inches
    • 18 to 21 years – Minimum 3 to 4 inches
    • 21 to 25 years – Minimum 2 to 3 inches
    • 25 upwards    – Minimum 1 to 2 inches

    Note : Result may vary from person to person.

    Made with Tropical Herbs, HeightoMax- has proven efficacy to increase height without any side effects on the body.

    Formulated by Doctor’s, HeightoMax is a time tested Natural  Height Increase supplement / Height increase herbal medicine which promotes muscle and bone growth through natural principles of Height increasing.

    Backed with Ancient knowledge of Herbal medicines ” Ayurveda” and modern scientific research on human growth and development, HeightoMax has helped millions of user’s worldwide to achieve their desired Height gain and Height growth goals.

    HeightoMax – Height increase medicine, Height increasing pills have passed more then 50 efficacy and safety in usage trials performed by licensing Authority and Drug Controller and has attracted manufacturing permission under controlled licensing by Ayush (Drug and Licensing Authority).

    Manufactured under strict observation of Doctor’s on GMP norms, HeightoMax-Height increase medicine has attained a Good reputation worldwide.

    For maximum results, we recommend some anti gravity height increasing exercises along with Height increase medicine.  Its our endeavor to provide best results, we have developed a unique Tailored Height increasing Exercise regime to be followed with Height Growth medicine.

    Height Growth System :

    1. HeightoMax – Height increase medicine , Height growth medicine
    2. Height Increasing program manual – Height growth program manual that elaborates do’s, don’ts and other instructions on usage.
    3. Height Increasing Exercise accessories – Mechanical Bands used in some specific exercises that boosts growth process, makes results faster and activates bones growth.

    1. HeightoMax – All Natural Height increase medicine, Height growth medicine to increase your height naturally

    HeightoMax is an all Natural,  Safe, Certified and Ayush ( department of Ayurveda) approved Height increase medicine, Height growth medicine to increase height irrespective of Age .

    Backed with ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, HeightoMax follows natural principles of growth and development of the body and gives height growth results upto the age of 35 years.

    HeightoMax is Made with tropical,  Natural herbs with proven efficacy for Height growth. These rich, tropical herbs are collected from their natural source of origin which makes them highly result oriented height increasing medicines. The height increase pills, height growth pills made by these herbs have more medicinal power in comparison to locally harvested herbs.

    With Proven efficacy and results, Heightomax has achieved one among the top rank globally with results that are almost guaranteed.

    HeightoMax is certified by Ayush under Drug and Cosmetic Act 1951, India for results and safety in usage and is manufactured under controlled licensing by health authorities.


    Key Advantages of using HeightoMax – Height increase medicine, Height growth medicine to increase height

    HeightOMax is an all natural Height growth booster supplement which gives you remarkable results to add few extra inches in your Height growth.  Whether you are 8, 18 years, 25 Years or 35 Years, you still have a chance to add few more inches to your height.

    Besides body growth and height increase, this all natural height increasing medicine / height growth medicine have an edge to boost your body system and is very much beneficial in :

    • HeightoMax- Height increasing pills Promotes and Enhances new cell growth, tissues, bones, ligaments which leads to overall height increase and  body development.
    • HeightoMax – Promotes density and thickness of Vertebral spinal disks by elevating suppleness of spine which leads to growth of the body  and makes you  GROW TALLER.
    • HeightoMax boosts production of vital Amino acids to their best required levels. These Amino acids are excellent food supplement for the Pituitary Gland which boosts promotion of Human Growth hormone (HGH)  by natural process.
    • Boosts Metabolism and makes body lean which results in loss of extra fat.
    • Strengthens Nervous System which helps body to combat against day to day infections, bacteria and other health problems.
    • Controls and Limits bad Cholesterol levels and excellent tonic for Heart strengthening.
    • Promotes Sound sleep and helps fight Insomnia.
    • Anti -Aging, slower’s Aging process and Good for Skin and health
    • Promotes Immune System and helps fighting against diseases.
    • Enhances Memory and Brain Alertness.

    Heightomax’s Active Ingredients & Properties :

    Asperagus Racemosus – Best and safe way to Boost immunity, promotes good strength. Good appetite stimulant, brain stimulant, Aphrodiasic,Rich nutritive tonic, Natural anti acid, Normalizes gastric pH

    Terminalia Chebula – Best Liver tonic, Laxative, Astringent, Thermogenic, Anti inflammatory, Purgative, Digestive, Carminative and febrifuge.

    Pueraria Tuberosa – Strength and bulk is added to the body

    Termanalia Arjuna – Cardiotonic, Astringent, Aphrodiasic, Demulcent., Styptic , Antidysentric, Urinary Astringent, Expectorant and tonic.

    Withania Somnifera – This one Roots astringent, also Somniferous, Aphrodiasic, Thermogenic, Builds tissues, promotes Health, Nervine tonic, Boosts up Immunity.

    Plumbago Zeylanica – Strong Antiseptic, Stimulant, Stomachic, Carminative, Astringent, Anthelmintic, Laxative, Expectorant and Alexipharmic.

    Piper Longum –Laxative, Digestive, Astringent, cooling Aphrodiasic, Purgative, Refrigerant.

    Elettaria Cardamomum – Aromatic, Cooling, Stimulant, Digestive, Carminative, Stomachic diuretic, Cardiotonic, Expectorant, abortifacient and Health tonic.


    2. Height Increasing Exercise program manual

    Height growth program manual provides information on do’s, don’ts, various principles of growth, reasons for retard or poor growth, how to boost the growth process and  instructions on various growth boosting exercises and activities.


    3. Height Increasing Exercise accessories

    Height Increasing exercise accessories are mechanical exercise Bands used in some specific exercises that boosts the growth process, makes results faster , activates bones growth and works as a catalyst in boosting the growth spurt.


    Principles behind Height increase medicine and Height increasing exercises :

    Promotes Atmosphere of Non fusion of bones

    Height increasing exercise bands are made with finest and strongest fabric. These Height increasing exercise bands create tension in the bones by stretching the Skeletal system. A very Different concept then stretching muscles. From ages people are stretching their muscles to grow taller and increase height but result is frustration. Based on Scientific study of Gravity, these height increasing exercise Bands Promote fast and early height growth. Creates atmosphere of non-fusion of bones and provides length to the bones, muscles and ligaments.


    Spinal Column

    A vital part of Height growth development and increase height is the spinal column. Following will give fundamental knowledge of its structure and function.

    There are 33 separate bone segments in Human spinal column which are termed as vertebrae packed by ligaments (tough and fibrous tissue). Out of these 33 vertebrae, lower 9 are are immovable bones and “fused” together.

    Sacrum and the coccyx, forming the back of the pelvis. Remaining 24 vertebrae can be moved and can never be “fused”. Amongst 24 vertebrae, 7 are in cervical (neck), 12 are in thoracic (back of chest), and 5 are in lumbar (loin). Cartilaginous pads which are called as disks are situated between these 24 vertebrae. Disks’ thickness tells about the length of the spinal column that tells about the current height. There are total 25 disks in all which are combined in length which is package of overall height. These disks are “non-fusible” cartilages, which can constantly grow thicker by stimulation of human growth hormones (hgh) at any age.

    When Height Increasing exercise regime is coupled with height increase medicine – HeightoMax, Height increase exercise bands promote enhanced blood circulation by creating tension in the entire spine and opens up the vertebral disks for further height growth and development of the body. Where as height increasing pills promotes thickening of the disks by providing essential enrichment to the disks through natural means leading to ultimate aim of Height gain and body development.

    More thicker and enriched disks, more long will be the spinal column and more will be the growth of an individual.

    Human Growth Hormone (hgh):

    As the name suggests, Human growth hormone (hgh) relates human growth and development of the body.  Human growth hormone which is also known as hgh is a natural substance which is secreted by the pituitary gland and also by certain immune cells which are housed in our body.

    Human Growth Hormone (hgh) determines many essential activities out of which Height increase and body growth is one such activity. Some other activities include growth and repair of bones, muscles, organs, cells, tissues etc.

    Checking and maintaining correct weight is also a part of Human Growth Hormone’s (hgh) functioning.  Insufficient secretion of Human growth hormone (hgh) leads to various malfunctions in the body i.e. Obesity, Poor Vision, Fatigue, Tiredness etc.  Thyroid problem is one such medical condition which is a direct consequence of  malfunctioning of  pituitary gland.

    With regular use of HeightoMax – Height increase medicine , Height growth medicine Vital energy can be gained along with enhanced mental disposition, improved quality of sleep, excellent physical appearance, and increased height gain.

    Human Growth hormone (hgh) have an important role to play in growth of height and physical development of the body.

    An Individual’s pituitary gland releases 7/10th mg of growth hormone, Half of this amount is released during first hour of sleep, while remaining of the hormone is released while:-

    • Elevation in Body temperature
    • Physical exercise
    • Specific amino acid ingestion / production
    • Decreased blood glucose level


    1. Sleep is also a vital component in stimulation  of growth and increases height. Sleep is a big stimulator of human growth hormone (hgh) and a large part of human growth hormone (hgh) is released during 1st hour of sound sleep.

    Consumption of HeightoMax before sleep promotes sound sleep and also promotes Human Growth hormone (hgh) during first hour of natural sound sleep. This lead to growth of bones, ligaments , cells, tissues etc which ultimately leads to overall Height increase and Height growth of the body.

    HeightoMax – Height increasing medicine, Height growth medicine is also a natural supplement that promotes Nervous system and is a good supplement for mind alertness and memory enhancement.

    physical exercises have a direct effect on human growth hormone (hgh) and several things affects the magnitude and intensity of growth hormones which is released at the time of exercising.

    As this Height increase system is based on Height increase supplement + Height increase exercise, We recommend some specific type of workouts along with height increasing supplement intake. These specific workouts promotes growth by following above mentioned principles of growth.


    Nutrition plays a big role in everyone’s life. either its day to day activities or growth and development of an individual, proper nutrition is a must for Height growth and Height increase.

    Malnutrition on a constant basis prevents people from reaching their full height growth potential. The body becomes weak and frail and usually shows signs that muscle or bone tissue is wasting. Undoubtedly, the quality, quantity, and type of food we eat has a tremendous effect on our height growth and health.

    Malnutrition is the most common cause of growth failure around the world, primarily due to lack of protein and other basic nutrients on the diet. That’s where supplement to Increase Height HeightoMax comes in providing your body just the right amount of nutritional support for to you grow taller & Increase height.

    Whether you are short, tall, fat, skinny, a child, a teenager, an adult, an athlete, a model, an actor, a female, a male, or just anyone looking to Increase height and grow taller – you can still enhance your current height by as much as 2 to 6 inches with our phenomenal supplement to Increase height and grow taller.

    Our height increasing product “How to increase height “ has an extremely high success rate. Studies have shown that 97% of the people (between ages 7-35) who use our unique product for Increasing Height experience powerful height gains & an increase in their overall well-being.

    • HeightoMax – Increase height Supplement promotes body to produce all the mandatory amino acids which is required to Grow taller.
    • A whole natural supplement to enhance Height has no adverse effects also provides protein which is vital to grow taller.
    • The all Natural Increase height supplement also source of adequate carbohydrate.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins and minerals have significant role to play in a body. One should intake adequate and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Optimum consumption enables growth and development of the body. HeightoMax Increases height and these Supplement supplies all vital vitamins and minerals required to increase height.

    • Grow taller supplements are enriched with proteins which enhances height. This also contains vitamin having big role in height growth.
    • The all Natural supplement to Increase height is equipped with natural ingredients facilitating  height in positives way.


    Good posture can be linked to many physical and psychological benefits. It is vital component for healthy back health and to gain height. Good posture aids in maximizing height enabling you to stand and sit tall.

    • “How to increase height”? program manual contains workouts that rectifies wrong posture.
    • “How to increase height”? Program manual have full guidelines that helps maintaining spine healthy and to shape it well. Instructions on enrichment and enhancement of Vertebrae to increase it thickness.
    • This complete Height growth system “How to increase height”? tells about degeneration of discs and prevention of loss of height.
    • The “How to increase height”? Increases height covers all vital exercises which bring down pressure and compression on the discs.
    • The “How to increase height”?  manual focuses to remove undue pressure and also compression of the discs. This will also increase the spine and promotes growth.

    The Revolutionary “How to increase height”? Exercise System

    This programs helps in gaining muscle and reduction of excess fat.

    How it Works

    The amazing and proven ““How to increase height”?” program along with the HeightoMax – Height increasing medicine shows excellent result. This one is specifically and specially fabricated to increase height, gain inches. The exercises included in this program will facilitate overall growth, Functions to lengthen the spinal column, Legs, Arms, Hands, improve posture.

    Each daily ““How to increase height”?” 40 – 50 minutes session can prove really successful. Grow taller exercises are excellently illustrated which is simple and easy to understand.

    The ““How to increase height”?” program have Do’s and Don’ts along with all the instructions. Everything is arranged in progressive manner.

    HeightoMax – Height increasing supplement and tailored program ““How to increase height”?  integrates tried and true principles with revolutionary exercise program enabling height to grow in natural way.

    “How to increase height” program and Height Increasing supplement “Heightomax”

    How to increase program + Increase height supplement “Heightomax” are best source of safe growth and supplementing worldwide effective way to gain height.

    HeightoMAX- safe and natural Grow taller supplement , enhances height with herbal formulation.

    HeightoMAX Is best to cope with

    • Slow Growth
    • Brittle Bones
    • Mal-Nutrition
    • Short Upper Body
    • Short Lower Body
    • Low HGH Level
    • Or Genetic Problems

    HeightOMAX, the height enhancer supplement provides

    • GROWTH PROCESS Week1 Week3 Week6 Week12 +
    • Improved Posture
    • Bone Density
    • Micro Level Growth
    • Peptides agglomerated
    • Bones Regeneration
    • Bones Growth

    These supplements can help you get tall and strong faster than EVER!


    Additional information


    45 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 12 Months

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      Very good Product
      Gr8 results. Select age wise.
      It feels extra strength, sleeping like a child

    2. Rated 5 out of 5


      I was skeptical in the begining, however I am very happy with the results after taking heightomax for few months. I am 23 years now and i have grown over 3 inches and am no longer the shortest guy in my friends!

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